Quick Take- WPL:- It's here, and it's here to stay

It was still surreal and unreal to see a tournament that was denied for so long kicking off on the 4th of March. Even looking back 4 days after the start it's still quite unbelievable that it's really happening. Not that it wasn't supposed to happen but more because of how everything came together in a really small time from broadcast partners, to The Teams, to the auctions, all happening within a couple of months. What happened on March 04th is an event that has changed the world of cricket forever for sure!! 

This isn't about reviewing a match in particular but about the whole experience of seeing games on HD, more people seeing that this game's the same that they love, more kids seeing that they could grow up and become like the stars they see on the field, the players getting paydays that's life-changing, where you see a passion become a viable career. All this could be achieved through a successful WPL & it looks like we are already on that path. 

The first few games provided really good games filled with runs and we had a humdinger in one of them. Some might think the others being one-sided games is an issue but even in those Teams have scored 200 runs and that's no joke. We have seen exquisite hitting and some tremendous innings already. We have seen 5fers. We have seen absolute blinders being taken. We have seen terrific fielding efforts. Dramas with Reviews for Wides & No balls. In small, all that you would want in a potential blockbuster!! 

In terms of financial viability too, it has gotten off to a good start & it can be accounted for by just the sheer amount of brands that have associated themselves with it. Would have loved to put a figure about viewership as well but as the broadcaster doesn't give a count, it's difficult to analyse that. But just on Social Media surely there has been a lot of buzz and hopefully, that has translated into a good amount of viewership on both TV & OTT Platforms. The broadcaster has done a good job providing streams in multiple languages, 4K HD, and doing good promotions. And that has definitely had an impact on the overall experience. 

It's in no way a perfect tournament. Yes, they deserve more. Yes, there should have been a bigger purse. Yes, there should have been at least one more team, which would have led to more games as well. Yes, it shouldn't have been restricted to a single centre. But even with all that, this competition already is a life changer for many. The competition is already showing an impact on players' life & the conversation around the game. The start has been superb. Hopefully, it gets better and better. Onwards and upwards!!

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